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Full-Time Academic Position in Electric Power Systems
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Publié: il y a 1 mois
Date limite d'inscription: janv. 31
Localisation: Brussels, La Belgique
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Full-Time Academic Position in Electric Power Systems


Job description       

A strong evolution of the electric power systems is expected in the next decades in order to deal with the energy transition. It is now clear that the grid will face a dramatic change due to the need of electrical energy generation with low greenhouse emissions. New system solutions must deal with distributed and uncertain generation. This will affect all aspects of grid management: long-term and short-term planning, asset management, operation, control and protection, risk analysis considering the generation-consumption-storage adequacy, flexibility needs, control and protection against outages, instabilities or even black-outs. New models, methods and tools will be necessary to analyse, develop and operate the future grid. New primary equipment will be installed like FACTS, HVDC or DC grids. This evolution will affect the transmission but also the distribution systems. It will be coupled with regulation evolution and political choices. This research scope is quite large, so we hope to attract the attention of a substantial number of candidates.

On the basis of some of the mentioned topics, we expect that this full-time academic will develop high-level research, and build a team of PhD researchers and postdoctoral researchers inside the research group of BEAMS-ELEN (Electrical Energy). He/she will be responsible of the development of a software platform using programs like EMTP, Eurostag, DigSilent Powerfactory, Opal-RT, PSS-E, or similar ones. We expect also the development and the maintenance of a platform allowing hardware-in-the-loop simulation and testing.

Area of Research: Electric Power Systems, Energy transition.

Educational and scientific goals:

Educational goals: The successful applicant will be, for a large part, active in the Master of Electromechanical Engineering, in collaboration with the VUB (Brussels Faculty of Engineering, BruFacE), and in particular in the Energy option. The teaching duties will comprise theory lectures, exercise and laboratory sessions, and the proposition and supervision of student projects and master theses. Another part of the teaching duties, smaller but as important for the electromechanical curriculum is related to BA3 classes.

According to his/her specialty, the successful applicant may contribute to the following existing course units (theory and/or practical work):

  • ELEC-H-3001  Electricité appliquée (BA3 – 5 ECTS)
  • ELEC-H-413  Electric Power Systems (MA1 – 5 ECTS) with Prof. Benjamin Genêt (Chaire Elia 2014-2019)
  • GEST-H-506  Energy Policy and Management (MA2 – 5ECTS) with Prof. Samuel Furfari
  • ELEC-H-510  Power System Protection (MA2 – 3 ECTS, optional course)
  • ELEC-H-512  Power System Engineering (MA2 – 3 ECTS, optional course)

He/she will also have the opportunity to develop courses in his/her domain of research, such as

  • Electricity grid and smart grids
  • Electric power systems
  • Power system operation and control
  • Integration of renewable generation and storage
  • Energy economics and electricity markets
  • Energetic analysis of industrial processes

Scientific goals: The successful applicant will develop research activities on one or more of the following topics:

  • Power system planning (long-term and short-term)
  • Power system operations
  • Power system control
  • Power system protection
  • Power Quality
  • Smart grids: microgrids or supergrids
  • Power system dynamics and stability
  • Risk assessment and reliability analysis
  • Grid assets management
  • Regulation systems and practices, energy policy, electricity markets
  • Blackout risks
  • Resilience of power systems.

The research will be developed in collaboration with the other members of the BEAMS department, as well as with the other departments in the Faculty and of the VUB, considering that the constitution of a critical mass for research at the European level should be a real objective. The research should contribute to one or more of the priority research topics of the Faculty, and in particular to « Engineering and sustainable development » and/or « Modelling and simulation ».

The successful candidate will be invited to apply for a grant from the European Research Council (ERC) and for any sources of outside funding (FNRS, Europe, federal or regional funds, etc.) enabling him/her to develop their research. The ULB Research Department will assist with his/her applications. It is expected that the full-time academic can develop the present cooperation of the research group BEAMS-ELEN with industries and utilities (Siemens, Alstom, Engie, Tractebel, Elia, etc.).

Qualifications required:

PhD Degree (with doctoral thesis) in Electrical Engineering.

Skills required

  • Applicants should have at least 4 years of research experience at the time of their recruitment.
  • Post-doctoral experience and an excellent scientific record are a plus.
  • Exchange periods outside of the applicants’ home institution (during or after their PhD) will be taken into consideration when evaluating applications.
  • Applicants who do not speak French (level C1) may be granted a period of adaptation, but they must be able to teach in French at the end of the third year following their appointment.
  • Required level in English: Good to excellent.

Interested ?

For more information, please contact Mr. Johan GYSELINCK (telephone: +32 2 650.26.69 – E-mail: johan.gyselinck@ulb.ac.be).

Applications must be sent by e-mail to the rectorate of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (recteur@ulb.ac.be) and to the faculty deanship (le-doyen-polytech@admin.ulb.ac.be).

They must include the following:

  • an application letter
  • a Curriculum vitae including a list of publications (a template can be downloaded at http://www.ulb.ac.be/tools/CV-type.rtf)
  • any relevant documents showing 4 years of research experience
  • a 7,000-character report (4 pages) presenting the applicant’s research activities and a research project, including how these will integrate into ULB’s research teams
  • a teaching dossier including a 7,000-character report (4 pages) on the applicant's previous teaching activities and a teaching project for the first five years in this position; these must be relevant to the faculty and to the teaching profiles for the programmes to which the applicant is to contribute
  • a note on the applicant's international achievements and projects (no more than 4 pages)
  • the names and e-mail addresses of five references (with equal gender representation) who may be contacted by those in charge of evaluating applications. These references should not have conflicts of interest.

By sending in their application, applicants acknowledge they have read and understood the additional information and the regulations relevant to research staff, available at the following address http://www.ulb.ac.be/emploi/academique.html.

Reference : 2018/A029
Start date: 01/10/2018

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