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OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
OsloMet's vision is to deliver knowledge to solve societal challenges.
Largest university
in Norway
Our location in the Oslo region gives us good opportunities to understand and benefit from the city’s diverse population. We will promote equality and understanding – in society in general and among our students and staff in particular. Diversity is a core value at OsloMet. Read our diversity action plan.
Innovation requires cooperation across disciplines, professions and stakeholders of the society. Our goal is to be inquisitive and open in our dealings with society, employers and businesses, and we will produce new knowledge that provides solutions to the challenges of tomorrow.
In close cooperation with society and employers, our knowledge and experience will contribute to learning and to the modernisation of our study programmes. It will also contribute to developing the institution, the individual students and members of staff.
Regional entrenchment, international orientation

Through a strong regional entrenchment, national ambitions, and an international orientation, OsloMet is established as a modern, professionally and vocationally oriented university in the greater metropolitan area. This entails an interaction with a multicultural and international society which enables our students and employees to develop the action competence necessary in multicultural and international working life.

Professional programmes - Proximity to professional fields

A majority of the study programmes that we offer are professional programmes in which theoretical courses and supervised professional training are closely aligned. OsloMet provides education that qualifies students for employment in the health and social services, education, and public administration, media, design, arts, and for technical and business administrative positions in business and industry. OsloMet emphasises the combination of high academic standard and proximity to professional fields. The teaching is based on the latest advances in research, development and experience. The programmes aim at developing students’ skills in theoretical analysis and reflection.

Research and Development

Research and development (R&D) is a necessary and vital part of the university activities and should contribute towards developing a good and dynamic educational institution. OsloMet’s comparative advantage is that the institution performs research within the professions taught here. The university creates value for society by developing knowledge that contributes to improved welfare. This research will give insights into the activities, frameworks, and conditions of sectors and occupational fields in a society that is continually changing. Read more about Research at OsloMet.


OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
Localisation: Oslo, Norvège | Se termine le oct. 18
Research Director
Results-oriented Research Director with a good implementation capacity As a Research Director, you will be responsible for leading the Department of Research and Development’s staff and develop a future-oriented and well-functioning R&D administration. The Director of research...
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
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PhD Fellowship in Machine Learning
There are currently several active research groups at the Department of Computer Science. The Department is actively involved in the PhD program in Engineering Science, and the multi-disciplinary Master’s program in Applied Computer and Information Technology. The department...
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
Localisation: Oslo, Norvège | Se termine le sept. 25
Professor of medical physics – CT
There is a vacant part-time position (50 per cent of full-time) in the radiographer programme at the Faculty of Health Sciences, Department of Life Sciences and Health, as professor of medical physics – CT, with a focus on imaging quality and dose optimisation.The radiographer...